The following articles were authored by Dominic Scafidi

Putting the “Service” in Customer Service:
4 tips to create an exemplary customer experience

Imagine this: you’re sitting at your favorite restaurant waiting excitedly for your meal, when suddenly, your server tosses your food carelessly onto the table, refusing to make eye contact with you. Before long, you’re marooned with an empty coffee cup, thinking about how Tom Hanks felt more connected to humanity in Castaway than you do […]

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“Hut, Hut, Hike!” Five Must-Have Leadership Qualities to Call Plays on and off the Field

With the end of the year quickly approaching; another exciting time lies right around the corner: the NFL playoffs. As many of us around the country begin assessing how our favorite teams stack up against the rest of the pack; head coaches and players will review if they had done enough to secure a position […]

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Crucial Concepts: Tips for the Emerging Professionals of 2016

I remember spending my mornings after graduation glued to my computer screen, repeatedly clicking refresh with the hope of seeing any sort of positive update. I wasn’t tracking fantasy football stats, nor was I waiting excitedly for a delivery notification from Amazon. Instead, I was compulsively checking my inbox, eager to hear back from potential […]

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