The Professional Relationship: Three Ways to Expand Your Network

06/12/2019 03.59 EDT

Taking the time to invest in yourself and trying to reach out to a few new people or groups regularly, will make a difference in your life and perhaps in the lives of others.
The Professional Relationship: Three Ways to Expand Your Network

Building your network doesn’t just happen by itself, you need to be intentional to make it happen.

Research has suggested a positive correlation between social interaction and health. The more you interact and form relationships with others, the more engaged you are and the more you learn....

Moving Ahead in the HR Field

10/12/2016 08.53 EDT

HR leaders not only need to be insightful in the most progressive HR practices, but they also need to understand the business in order to effectively contribute as a member of the executive team.
Moving Ahead in the HR Field

Success does not come to those who wait. Make sure to volunteer to serve on committees or projects, especially if it involves cross-functional teams. You will continue to learn, build relationships, and get noticed.

Serving as a key member of a human resources team can be a rewarding career path. If you are focused on the business and support its growth or changes, you will be ahead of the curve. ...

Parents’ Guide to Helping Their Child Find a Job

05/27/2015 10.42 EDT


Salveson Stetson Group hosts an annual College Seminar for our clients to support their family members who will be graduating from college.  At this seminar, we focus on providing advice to students on how to effectively look for a job.  In addition, we spend time with parents and discuss how they can best support their children.   It has been a very successful and well attended event each year.  As you can imagine, many parents have greatly encouraged their children to attend with the hopes that our advice will land their child that elusive first job.   We have to navigate through a sensitive path with parents at the College Seminar.  First and foremost, they are our clients.  We want to help them, but also ease their anxieties about their children.  Some are frustrated, as they don’t believe their child has been active enough in the job market.  Others are concerned that their child seems aimless with little direction regarding what they intend to do with their life.  Some parents are ready to have their children “off the payroll” and actively participating in the world of work and want to ensure they are able to find the best job for themselves.  Bottom line – we see it all.   One interesting aspect of the College Seminar program is allowing parents to vent their concerns, hopes and dreams for their child, along with their frustrations.  Naturally, it becomes a supportive environment where parents learn from one another.  Here...