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Moving Ahead in the HR Field

You Learn by Doing: Eight Steps to Get Ahead in the Human Resources Field Human resources is an exciting and dynamic field.  It is common to see a high potential employee from sales or marketing or operations rotating through HR to gain additional experience and leadership insight.  Conversely, there are many up and coming HR […]

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Aspire to be a CHRO?

We have a robust Human Resources Practice and, as a result, have had the opportunity to interact with many HR executives. The most common questions that come from executives who aspire to move into their first Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) role involve what it takes to be offered that top job. What do they […]

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What Companies Are Looking for in their HR Leaders

In the executive search world, I often hear several “ideal profiles” when companies are looking for new human resources leaders; however, most companies have one thing in common: they want a solid human resources generalist who “knows their stuff” across a variety of functional areas.   In addition to broad-based human resources skills, talent management, […]

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