Seven Qualities of the Perfect Job Candidate

01/31/2019 02.27 EST

We have had the opportunity to work on hundreds of searches over the years and during that time, we have observed and experienced diverse candidate behavior.
Seven Qualities of the Perfect Job Candidate

Listed below are seven qualities that may help a candidate stand out

I thought it would be helpful to share how an executive search consultant would describe “the perfect candidate.”...

The Candidate Experience

05/25/2011 08.58 EST


I am often asked to speak at events where my audience is comprised mainly of executives in transition. Sometimes these are employed professionals seeking better opportunities, but the majority of these individuals are, for one reason or another, unemployed. Invariably, at some point in the conversation, I feel the need to apologize for the way they are often treated by people in my profession. From the candidate perspective, working with retained executive search firms can be a frustrating process. I hear stories of candidates never getting feedback on interviews, communication that is intermittent at best, and a general sense that the individual is a commodity – and these stories are from the candidates who are actively working with a search firm on a real opportunity. For those who are trying to build a relationship within executive search, the stories are even bleaker. I haven’t done any grand research on the topic, but the general consensus I have gathered is that the executive search profession on the whole just doesn’t treat people very well; and in my mind, beyond the fact that its bad behavior, it’s also just plain bad for business. We are extensions of our clients. How I treat a potential candidate will have a direct impact on that person’s perception of the company I represent. And, whether that executive ends up being a bona fide candidate for the position I am seeking to fill, they will remain a potential customer or business partner for my...