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The Leadership Skills Companies Want

In this year’s Women on Boards report, Philadelphia’s Forum of Executive Women found that while board seats at companies across the region actually dropped, the portion of board seats held by women have increased by nine percent since 2006.  Over the same time period, the number of top executives who are women jumped by 25 […]

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An Overlooked Professional Development Opportunity

When clients engage us to conduct a search to fill a critical position in their organization, they have almost always considered internal candidates for the role. Sometimes they just don’t have the internal talent needed for the position or they are specifically seeking an “outsider” – someone who is not from their company and may […]

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Professional Development? Me?

As leaders, we encourage our staff members to think about professional development.   What do they want to do to keep current in their field? What additional skill sets or experiences do they want to add to their portfolio? What seminars would they be interested in attending? Are they interested in becoming more involved in […]

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