The Roving CxO: What is it and why does it matter?

08/20/2019 04.23 EDT

It is important to understand the pros and cons of employing a roving C-Suite executive and apply them to your own situation. There is a case to be made on both sides of the coin, but as technology continues to evolve, this is a trend that will become more prevalent.
The Roving CxO: What is it and why does it matter?

As technology continues to evolve, companies are equipped with a variety of tools to stay in touch with employees outside of the four walls of their headquarters. This growth in technology has led to the birth of the roving executive.

A roving CxO is any C-Suite executive whom does not permanently reside in the same state in which the company they are employed is headquartered....

Tips for Recruiters Looking to Recruit Out-of-Town Job Candidates

06/24/2013 02.07 EDT


This article was originally published on Brazen Life, a lifestyle and career blog for ambitious young professionals.     Your CFO job is in Chicago, but your top candidate is in Atlanta. She has a child who’s a sophomore in high school, and her mortgage is $200,000 underwater. She loves your company and the career opportunity, but can’t get herself over the relocation hurdle.   Sound familiar? Unfortunately, for many recruiters, it’s an all too familiar scenario as they go to market for top talent. Seventy-six percent of employers surveyed last year reported that relocation is still an issue for candidates. Moving for a job can be a tough sell—so how do you turn a “no” into a “yes” with a rockstar candidate when relocation is the only thing standing in your way?   It’s not completely hopeless. Last year, 44 percent of workers said they’d relocate for the right job, and data from 2011 reports that interstate residential shipments were up significantly from the recession, suggesting Americans might be more open to moving for out-of-state jobs. Plus, general job satisfaction remains low, with the majority of employees in the U.S. and Canada unhappy at work.   Despite these encouraging trends, a rigid approach on your company’s part will not put you fully in the game for relocating top talent. In order to successfully compete, your company needs to look at each case individually, rather than trying to fit every candidate into your standard relocation policy.   Candidate objections...