New Year, New Opportunities:
How to Prepare for a Job Search in 2018

12/18/2017 02.41 EST

Looking for a new job can be a difficult process. The key is to remain positive and focused. Remember that all of your hard work could result in the start of the next chapter in your career, and an exciting beginning to 2018!
New Year, New Opportunities: <br />How to Prepare for a Job Search in 2018

With the end of the year quickly approaching, it is a common time for people to reflect on the past 12 months and start planning for the new year. As a result of this soul searching, many decide it may be time to take the next step in their careers and jump back into the job market.

Focus on networking, connecting with search firms and applying to jobs online. Spend most of your time networking instead of online job applications, where your resume is likely to get lost in the shuffle. Many roles are filled through networks instead of online postings, so building your referral base is critical for a successful job search....

One Space or Two?

10/01/2015 11.55 EST

Many of us believe that, given the explicit choice, a company will hire a younger employee for any number of reasons: cheaper, easier to train, less likely to leave for a better opportunity, etc. While I’m not going to argue that age bias doesn’t exist, I do think its prevalence is overstated in today’s hiring environment.
One Space or Two?

It has been ingrained in all of our heads that age bias exists in the employment market.

While I’m not going to argue that age bias doesn’t exist, I do think its prevalence is overstated in today’s hiring environment....

Seven Ways to Land a New Job in 2012

01/04/2012 04.51 EST


I know.  We always start out the New Year with a resolution and try hard to stick with it.  Most times, we stray from our goal.  Whether it is fitting more exercise in our daily routine or spending more quality time with our family – we always have good intentions.  Our busy lives just get in the way.   As an executive search consultant, I receive a sizeable number of calls at the beginning of the year from candidates expressing interest in changing jobs.  Finding a new position becomes their New Year’s resolution.  Some individuals are blocked from a promotion, interested in a new challenge or just feeling unappreciated.  My colleagues and I try to make the time to spend a few minutes listening.  Typically, job seekers describe the kind of role and industry sector that interests them.   Conducting a job search can be loaded with several emotions that may sometimes cloud a person’s thoughts about how to start a search as well as how to manage one.   So if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find a new job but you are not sure how to get started, these suggestions may help guide you:   Have you exhausted all options within your current company?  Have you made your career interests known to your boss and other colleagues so they may have you in mind as new opportunities emerge? In addition to updating your resume, put together a list of target companies.  This list...